From the President...

Welcome to all members of the Harvard Community in Mexico,

I am honored to serve as your Club president, and I am looking forward to the many interactions and valuable reflections we will have. I am working with my fellow board members in creating an agenda that will serve all of your interests and will allow the Harvard community to grow and be more influential.

Mexico will enter an unprecedented transformation given the recent elections. As part of the civil society, the Club will  play a an important role in driving agenda, monitoring and influencing. Harvard Alumni and Programs shall become relevant under these circumstances.

The Harvard Club of Mexico values diversity and inclusion in order to ensure a broad perspective. All activities will be designed with the right balance amongst age, gender, areas of interests, for all voices to be heard and all interests to be met.

Not only will the Club continue hosting recognized guest speakers, but it will also offer various exciting cultural, educational, social and networking events.

As Harvard alumni, we have a responsability to give back to our community. We rely on your talents and commitment in finding ways to support important causes.

The Club is a non-profit organization, receiving no financial assistance from Harvard University and hence depends on membership dues, event revenues, and donations to fund our operations. I invite you all to become active members of the Club and to get involved in helping us build a stronger and bigger community in Mexico.

Your views are important to us and we welcome suggestions of ways in which the Club can be of greater value to its members. If you would like to become more involved in Club activities please email us.

On behalf of the Club, a warm welcome to the entire Harvard Community in Mexico.


Jimena Fernández
Harvard Club of Mexico